I’ve been a long time fan of the EOS lipbalms a.k.a. the smooth spheres and I wanted to share my obsession with you. I thoroughly reviewed two of my old time favorites: Lemon Drop and Honeysuckle Honeydew. I also purchased two new flavours: vanila mint and coconut milk. Read on if you’re a lipbalm lover like me!

I obviously immediately fell for the extremely cute packaging. And when I saw Simone Simons actually recommending this balm I felt it was ‘safe’ Ā for me to try it out as well. Aaaaaand I got hooked. Forever. Next to the fact that it looks adorable it also smells and tastes great. I personally hate it when lip products have a sweet and/or fruity smell but don’t taste as such. It annoys the bejeezus out of me! I mean, what’s the point? So naturally I was very content that these lip balms taste amazing! Great for kissing too btw šŸ˜‰ Read further about my two all time favorites and two newly purchased ones!

This was me 5 years ago. Recommending the Eos lipbalms on my first ever youtube vid :) Gotta collect them all!

This was me 5 years ago. Recommending the EOS lip balms on my first ever youtube vid šŸ™‚ Gotta collect them all!

EOS Smooth Spheres
EOS is short for the Evolution of Smooth and it’s supposed to -as the name says- smoothen and soften your lips. And Ā it does just that. The balm glides on easily (partly due to the round shape) and immediately softens the lips. It leaves a thin layer of moisture on your lip without it leaving a greasy or sticky feel. Most of the balms have the same texture apart from the sweet mint, medicated tangerine (both apply a bit stiffer) and the lemon drop (a tat more oily). Ā I have to be honest about one thing though. It’s a great product for moisturizing your lips on a daily basis, but it won’t heal severely chapped ones.Ā  If you’re looking for a balm that helps to restore your chapped lips quickly and completely you’ll need something strongerĀ like the godmother of all lip balms: Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream (review will follow soon). But if you’re looking for something to use on a daily basis – no heavy duty – then is is the one for you (and me)! The great thing is that the permanent collection consists out of a great range of flavors so there’s something there for everyone: sweet mint, lemon drop, medicated tangerine, summer fruit, honeysuckle honeydew, pomegranate raspberry,coconut milk, vanila mint and vanilla bean (which only comes in the shape of a stick). EOS also regularly brings out limited editions. The LE flavors that are available right now are: Indian Summer: Orange Blossom, Aloha Hawaii Strawberry Kiwi, St. Barth’s Sunrise Pink Grapefruit, watermelon and strawberry sorbet.

Indian Summer, Orange Blossom, Aloha Hawaii Strawberry Kiwi, and St. Barth's Sunrise Pink Grapefruit. Source

Indian Summer: Orange Blossom, Aloha Hawaii Strawberry Kiwi, and St. Barth’s Sunrise Pink Grapefruit. Source

Passion Fruit & Watermelon Source

Passion Fruit & Watermelon

Ingredients & Packaging

This packaging with a twist-off top is obviously an eyecatcher. Since you apply this product straight on your lips it will stay hygienic much longer. It’s a very light weight product and easy to find in a lady’s cluttered bag šŸ˜‰ However, if you’re carrying a clutch on a night out I’d advise you to bring this balm in the shape of a stick (only in sweet mint, pomegranate raspberry and vanilla bean).
Each EOS Ā lipbalm consists out of 0.25 ounces of ‘natural conditioning oils, moisturizing shea butter and antioxidant vitamins C & E’. Ā The natural oils and shea butter sink into the lips well to give you that bit of moisture. At the same time the product stays put on your lips for a while to leave your lips feeling protected and balmy. Their website also informsĀ me that these balms are 99% natural and that they don’t include the following ‘bad’ ingredients:

Petrolatum is basically vaseline. It’s great for healing chapped lips, but dermatologists don’t recommend to use it on your lips frequently. If you use (a thick layer) of vaseline several times a day your lips will eventually become overmoisturised. Ironically enough Ā it will leave your lips feeling dry because they can’t produce new cells quick enough because of the layer of balm covering the old skincells. Ā Parabens are preservatives that make sure that products with water in them are long lasting. Since EOS is an almost 100% natural brand they obviously would not add this ingredient to their product. SinceĀ people can have anĀ allergic reaction to both gluten and parabens, they are both left out. Finally the chemical Phthalate has been left out, this chemical was banned by the EU years ago. I hope this is a well enough explanation (for now), since it is not my field of expertise šŸ™‚



Ā Lemon Drop & Honeysuckle Honeydew
I’ve repurchased these two babies from the permanent line two times already! And to me that’s alot since lipbalms (and lipsticks)Ā are my favorite beauty products and I’m always on the hunt for something new. They are my absolute favorite scents. The lemon drop is the only balm that comes with an SPF15 factor, so it’s great for summertime. Honeysuckly honeydew tastes just likeĀ galiamelone! I also like to apply them before I put my lipstick on to keep them hydrated and to give my lips a smooth base. You’ll have to reapply it though, because they won’t survive a kissing session or a sandwhich. I honestly have to stop myself from licking my lips the whole time while I have these on. Some more tips about the permanent line:

– Do not buy the medicated tangerine one! It has a bit of a salve taste to it which is not nice at all. Next to that it doesn’t have any medicational purposes or anything..so what’s the point!
– The summerfruit one tastes exactly like ice tea peach
– The sweet mint one has a tingly feel when you apply it on your lips. The packaging used to come in a baby blue color, but now it comes in a pastel mintgreen.



Coconut Milk & Vanilla Mint

If you like piƱa colada (I dare you to not finish this sentenceĀ the way I know you want to šŸ˜‰ ) then the coconut milk one is your baby! It does the exact same as all the other ones, only the taste is different. It doesn’t just taste like creamy coconut, but it definitely has a pineapple hint to it as well. This is not my cupĀ of cocktail, it makes me -like drinking the drink- a bit queasy. But if you want to dream about summer vacations on an exotic island then you should give it a try.
The Vanilla Mint has a creamier structure than the sweet mint one and therefore I like it much better already. It doesn’t have the same tingly feel, but I can live without that. The smell and taste of the mint is also much more subtle and the vanilla adds an agreeable sweetness to it. I usually apply this after brushing my teeth and before sleeping. Very Satisfying!


Website and where to buy:
In America you can buy these balms in Walmart and in just about every drugstore. If you don’t live in the USA you can simply buy them on the EOS website or on their Ebay.

Happy Smooching!