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How to wear Black Lipstick!


Have you always wanted to wear black lipstick, but are you scared to? Don’t be. It doesn’t have to be Halloween to get your freak on! Here are some tips to show you how to Rock black lipstick.

Rule #1: Be Confident!

Let’s face it. If you’re going to wear black lips, people are going to notice you. They might even (verbally) react to it – eiher positively or negatively. Remember, you are wearing it because You wanted to, because You like it. Wear it with pride or don’t wear it at all. Since I’m used to wearing bold colors on my lips like deep red, purple and fluorescent pink, it’s not that big of a step for me to wear black. If you’re not so sure yet, just try other bold lip colors first to get used to that heavy accent on the pout.


Rule #2: Prep.

This rule applies to wearing lipstick in general, but I’ll repeat it since it’s a very important step. Start scrubbing your lips to get rif off flakiness and create a smooth surface. I’d recommend the lipscrubs by Lush. Or make your own by mixing fine sugar with some olive oil and/or honey. If you don’t have these ingredients, gently (!) use a toothbrush in circular motions. Then apply a lipbalm. I would recommend to use a wax based lipbalm. This is a much better structure in my opinion which will hold the lipstick much better without the slip and slide effect. Dab off the excess product. You could then apply a tiny bit of concealer or foundation on your lips to prime them before putting on the lips and to make sure that the color stand out. I usually skip this step. It might dry out your lips and this could create crumbles.


Rule #3: Apply with precision and take your time.

Start by outlining and filling in your lips with a black (eye-)pencil. This way you create a precise and flawless shape and at the same time it creates a base for the lipstick. The color will last longer and become more intense. Then carefully put on your lipstick. I like to use the one by Barry M #37, because it doesn’t dry out the lips the way most mattifying black lipstick do. You could use a lip pencil for the outer lip lines if you’re scared to smudge the edges. Dab off the excess product with a paper towel and apply the lipstick once more. Again, this way the color will stay put much longer. If you take some time to follow these rules, the less mistakes you have to clean up later.


Rule #4: Mattify (for lasting power).

Lastly place a papertowl against your lips and gently dust some mattifying powder on the paper with a brush. You could even use a tiny bit of flower. This makes sure it’ll mattify your lips and ensure the colour stays in place.

Rule #5: Correcting.

It’s a B**** to clean up smudged edges of a dark red or black lip. They key is to be careful. If you did smudge your lips, carefully wipe off the excess part with a make up cotton wipe (the one that comes with a pointy edge). Then apply some concealer with a fine brush to correct the outer lines of your lip. Then use a sponge (preferably) to blend the concealer with the skin to retain that natural effect.


Rule #6: Keep a flawless & neutral face.

I don’t like to give rules on how to create a full look, but you might want to keep the rest of the face neutral if you want to wear the black lip during the day. Be sure to create a flawless skin by putting on a mattifying or satin foundation that matches your skintone. I’d advise a sponge to create a more natural effect. Groom your eyesbrows, put on a little bit of mascara and eyeliner and you’re good to go. I did find a eyeshadow that goes well with the black lip: sidecar from the (first) Naked Palette by Urban Decay. If you want to live up your face a little, lightly stroke a purple or berry blush on the apples of your cheek.



Rule #7: Touch Up! Any heavy or dark color needs maintenance. Make sure you carry a mirror and maybe some concealer as well to touch up and correct mistakes after you ate something or just when a couple of hours passed by. Keep it flawless to rock it right!

Do you like this look? (Be honest!) Would you try it yourself?

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Happy Summer Smooches!


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  1. I never wear lipstick but I wonder how this would look on me! Not sure I can rock it like you 🙂 Where did you get those awesome cotton swabs?

    • Uly

      19 augustus 2015 at 09:52

      I’m absolutely sure it would like great on you too, fellow Indo! 😉 I don’t remember exactly, but it either has to be from Action, Etos or Kruidvat!

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