Unfortunately the holiday season has come to an end, but we’re left with one more exciting thing in January: Lush sale! Since I needed a new shampoo I decided to pay a visit to THE Willy Wonka of cosmetics. I found a strange looking yet great smelling product: the Seanik Shampoo Bar. Another great invention by Lush. Read further if you want to know more about this product and how it works.

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Shampoo Bar


Seanik Shampoo Bar by Lush

Instead of a bar of soap, Lush invented a round shaped ‘bar of shampoo’. It has all the good elements of a good shampoo, but it has so much more benefits:

  1.  It’s a money saver. Firstly this solid shampoo bar (8,95 per 55gr) is a whole lot cheaper than a regular sized bottle of fluid shampoo (medium = around 14e). Next, Lush promisses that you get up to 80 washes  out of this bar, which is around the same as using  2 to 3 shampoo bottles (medium: 250 ml). Let’s say you wash your hair twice a week, that would mean this shampoo bar would last you for ten months. This means you’re saving a lot of money whilst still using a good working luxury product!
  2. It’s environmentally friendly. You need a lot less conservatives to make a shampoo bar than you do with fluid shampoos. And on top of that you don’t need to make plastic packaging for this product. Lush does recycle their plastic packaging, but this way you’re ahead of this step.
  3. More variety. Lush has a big range of shampoo bars with their own unique scents and ingredients, so you can pick the one that’s just right for your hair. When I took a look at their website I counted six ‘regular’  shampoos and up to ten solid shampoo bars.
  4. Travel friendly. Since the shampoo bar is a compact and solid product, it doesn’t weigh much and it’s not prone to leaking You can easily take this with you when you’re travelling. Less heavy lifting, more room for souvenirs and less moaning at the check in!

These four strong arguments have persuaded me to test one of these shampoo bars. Watch Lush’s own video for a recap:

My Hair Type


My Hair Type

Luckily I’m blessed with a full head of hair thanks to my parents, but it doesn’t always do what I want it to. I have naturally wavy locks with quite some structure. My hair does tend to get greasy at the top and dry near the tips. Next to that it gets fluffy because, although I have a lot of it, my hair is quite thin. Since I like to let it grow long it lacks in volume at the top. My hair used to reach my navel, but it now reaches to below my shoulder blades. I’m always looking for a shampoo that strips down the grease and gives a volumeboost at the top. And at the same time I want my hair to look nourished and radiant. I usually use two shampoos to get this effect, otherwise my hair gets to greasy or dry in the wrong places. Lush provides two shampoos that contain all the elements I need. Firstly there is the  Big Shampoo , a fluid shampoo I’ve been loving and I’ll write a full review on that one in the near future. I’ve been told that the Seanik Shampoo Bar is the solid version of Big and works the exact same.


Bron Lush Big Shampoo

Shampoo Bar


Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar


The Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar has an azure color with green flecks. It smells incredibly fresh – lightly comparable with Davidoff’s Cool Water – and a bit salty, just like the sea. Next, it has a subtle flowery scent thanks to the addition of mimosa, jasmin and orange blossom oil.
I couldn’t find what ‘seanik’  means (I could only find ‘warrior’), but it definitely reffers to the sea. It contains ingredients like sea salt and two kinds of seaweed: Nori seaweed from Japan and Iris moss. Sea salt cleans the hair thorougly and gives a lot of volume. Seaweed is known for its nourishing qualities, it contains a lot of protein and vitamins. It also makes your hair incredibly soft. The added lemon oil gives your hair a lot of shine. This is why the seanik solid shampoo bar is the perfect choice for my hair. But like I said before, there’s a lot of variety in shampoo bars which each have their own scent and special ingredients, So you can pick one that’s just right for your hair.

My experience
So there I was, standing in the shower with my hair all wet and a bar of shampoo in my right hand. Still a little skeptical, but I remembered what the friendly bearded man said in the video. He looked like he had a lot of fun doing this, so I started to draw four circles on the top of my head. I also stroke the bar twice in the length of my hair and started to massage my head. And yes, it quickly lathered up nicely and you truely don’t need much of this product to thoroughly wash you hair.  This is good news for my wallet! I intend to tally the amount of washes I get out of this shampoo bar so I can write a well informed update. There’s a little less foam than I get using a fluid shampoo, but I have to admit I usually tend to use too much anyway.  After blow drying my hair it looked healthy and shiny and the the smell lingers a tat bit longer. I have to use this product for a longer period of time to see if it brings out more shine, but that will be kind of hard to test. I usually use hair oils to give my hair that radiant glow.  The shampoo did strip down the grease and gave volume to my hair. My hair did start to get a little greasy the day after, but this has to do with the fact that I love to wear my hair down and therefore run my hand through it a billion times a day. So far I’m very pleased with the Seanik Shampoo Bar! I’ll write an update on it in a couple of months.

Since this shampoo bar obviously gets wet, it’s best to save it in a tin. Lush made one especially for their shampoo bars:


Bron Lush Shampoo Bar Tin

When I’m going to travel again, I’ll surely get one of those because they’re very compact and quite cheap (2,05e). For now I store it in an empty candytin. If the bar is still wet, be sure to keep the lid off. That way your room will smell great as well!



Let me know in the comments if and which shampoo bar you would like to try? Or let me know what your experiences are!

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