Summertime calls for bright and festive colors and my favorite summerlook of 2015 is rose gold lips. Click to see and read how I create this look with the L’oréal Paris color riche extraordinaire lipgloss.

Although I don’t religiously wear make up according to a certain season I am excited to wear more bright colors this summer. More pinks on the lips and cheeks and more gold on the eyelids. I was going through my make up collection to find a golden highlighter to accentuate my cheekbones when I found a liquid gold topper by Catrice. It didn’t work well as a highlighter since it doesn’t blend well and the gold glitter is too chunky -and therefore too visible and unnatural which I don’t like. I had to find a new purpose for the use of this  product and I found one: a lip topper.
Since I love to wear pink lips in the summer I chose one of my all time favorite lipglosses: Rose Symphony, #201. This is one of the many colors of the  L’oréal Paris color riche extraordinaire lipgloss line. I will write a seperate review on these products since I own quite a few colors and I genuinely really like this product.



You can blend the two products on your hand and then apply them onto your lips. This gives a much more subtle effect. If you’re going for a bold look  you apply the gold with your fingertip directly onto the lipgloss you’ve applied earlier. Your lips won’t be as shiny since the topping mattifies your lips, but they still sparkle because of the gold flakes. The Catrice product I used was part of the limited edition line called Glamazona and cannot be purchased anymore. But you can use any kind of gold eyeshadow you want to create this look.

Close Up

Top: two products blended. Down: applied on top of eachother.

Top: two products blended.
Down: applied on top of eachother.

Lastly I will show you some face pics in daylight and at nighttime (with artificial lighting) to get a better idea of how this combination looks.

Day Time

P1060872web1      P1060856web


Night Time
pizap.com14371840470821web      P1060986web

In the daylight pictures I applied the gold on top of the pink gloss and in the night time pictures I’ve blended the two. I’ve also been testing on how to combine gold with red (perfect for Christmas!), bordeaux and nude lipsticks and will write a seperate article to show these great combo’s. I’m a fan! I love how I was able to repurpose this product that’s originally meant as a highlighter and came to love this look. No (make-up) rules, only fun!

Let me know of you like this look or if you still think it’s a bit too much? Be sure to send me a pic if you’ve tried it as well, because I would love to see it!

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Happy Summer Smooches!