Attention Chocoholics! I’ve found the secret to being smothered in chocolate without gaining any weight: The Body Shop’s Chocomania line. Summer is coming, but since the weather in the western part of the Netherlands is still stormy and rather cold I decided to add this review on chocolately goodness anyway.

I like chocolate. Any time of the month. And when I heard The Body Shop (TBS) brought out a new range of products based on the smell of chocolate I was instantly interested…and a bit turned off at the same time. I mean, I like gourmand (a.k.a. ‘foody’) scents such as vanilla and honey in body products as long as it’s subtle, but this sounded a bit overwhelming. I started of slow by buying a mini body butter (gots to have TBS body butter!) to try it out and slowly but surely I picked up more items along the way. This line came out with a bunch of different products, but the ones I’m going to review for you are: The Shower Cream, The Sugar Body Scrub, Beautifying Oil and The Body Butter.

The Shower Cream
The shower cream looks like a  less runny, silky chocolate milk with a pearly sheen. I have to be honest and admit that it took me three showers to really enjoy this product. The texture is great. Like the name tells you it’s a creamy shower product that cleanses your body gently while nourishing it at the same time. When I lathered it on my body I was left confused for a couple of seconds, but after that -especially when it mingled with water- the glorious scent of rich and creamy chocolate bonbons appeared. I really like to (only) use this product when the weather is cold and gloomy, because the scent leaves you with a warm and cozy feeling. I’d advise you to use this product with a luffa to create more foam. The only downside is that it makes you hungry for chocolate..


The Sugar Body scrub 
Granted, this muddy goo doesn’t look that appealing but it does the job well! This scrub, which smells like a dark chocolate, has sugar cane in it which gives it the exact right texture to exfoliate your body well.  I’m a bit like Goldilocks when it comes to scrubs. It has to be just right. I hate those gentle scrubs with too little salt or sugar in it, but too much of it and it feels like you’re scraping off your skin rather than scrubbing. The Sugar Body Scrub is just right though, rough enough to get rid off the dead skincells, but it’s not too harsh. It also leaves a film of cocoa butter when you rinse the product of. This is great for wintertime when your skin is dry and needs a bit more moisture. It’s also very time efficient, you can skip the step of moisturising your body afterwards. I personally prefer a scrub that leaves your skin feeling clean and dry. I actually like the next step of applying a lotion, crème or oil to hydrate your body. Which brings me to the next two products. (200 ml /7.8 oz / 222 gr.)


Beautifying  Oil
This dry oil can be used for your body, face and hair and it also claims to moisturise, smoothen and illuminate your skin! I’ve not tried the product on my face, because I tend to break out rather quickly when I use oils or heavy cremes on my face. I have become a fan of this product though. This oil sinks into the skin really fast (a couple of minutes!) so you don’t have to worry about waving around like an idiot before you can actually put your clothes on. It does moisturise and smoothen my skin well, but it gives my skin a demi-matte finish rather than an illuminating one.  When I think of an illuminating skin I think of glow and radiance, but that’s not the case here. They should’ve gone with a description like ‘healthy looking’. I have to add that I only use this products at night time or in the weekend. I like the scent but I don’t want to go outside smell ing like chocolate. One more thing! When you use it on your hair, use it on the ends to add moisture and shine. Don’t apply it on your scalp (unless you’re using it as a mask and wash it out with shampoo afterwards), because your hair will look greasy.
I’m still thinking of purchasing another Beautifying oil with a fruity scent so I could use that one in the summertime. You can just pick the scent you like, add a showergel and bodyspray to your routine and you’re good to go.Again, you don’t have to be afraid of looking like an oily German bratwurst because dry oils tend to sink in pretty quick and leave a demi-matte finnish, but I’m still hoping that one of the other oils leaves a bit of healthy glow. I think that looks great, especially when you have a bit of a tan. I might write a seperate article on the Beautifying Oil to compare and contrast.  Let me know if you’d like that.



The Body Butter
Last but most definitely not least: TBS’s most famous product, the fabulous Body Butter. This one is a definite winner too and became a great winter skin care staple for me. Each Body Butter has it’s own texture and purpose and this one is right up my street. The butter looks very hard, but when it touches your skin it starts to melt slowely. It’s a very rich and moisturising product that doesn’t need much massaging to sink into the skin. It’s a great product for dry legs during the wintertime! Since I’m using the Beautifying Oil for my whole body I tend to use the butter for the dry patches (elbows, knuckles, knees, feet) on my skin for extra nourishment. Or I use it when I really want to pamper my skin. It has a better lasting power then the oil version, but it smells exactly the same (like the shower cream as well). (mini: 50 ml / 1.69 oz / 48 gr.)




Hello, my name is Uly and I’m a chocomaniaholic! At first I didn’t think I would like this range as much as I do now.  It took some time to get used to the scent, but I’m a convert now. I would honestly repurchase all of these items! Next winter though. Like I’ve mentioned before I would only want to slather myself in ‘chocolate’ when it’s cold outside and I need a little pick me up. It’s a great line of products to pamper yourself with or buy it as a present for your chocoholic friend! Although the products of this line are still listed in the webshop (US) you can only purchase them in a physical store during their huge summer and winter sale.

Website & Prices

Shower Cream:  8e
Sugar Scrub:        18e
Beautifying Oil: 13e
Body Butter:       18e
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