I love it when The Body Shop (TBS) brings out a new range to fit the new season. Today I’ll share my thoughts on two body butters of their limited editions: Virgin Mojito and Smoky Poppy.


Smoky Poppy

I’m going to start off with the Smoky Poppy edition that was launched in february this year. This line was especially created for Valentine’s Day. I’m just going to skip a rant about the whole ridiculousness of that day, but I can imagine it should smell sweet, romantic and a bit sexy. And The Body Shop nailed it. The scent is soft yet very seductive. I love it! What I’m most surprised about is that it’s a more chique and mature feminime scent. There’s no sweetness overload, but it has an elegance and smoothness to it due to the hand -harvested poppy extract (from Turkey). It’s so enticing that your date will definitely move closer to you as the night progresses.


The body butter is aimed to hydrate a normal skin. The butter is soft and has a satin like smoothness. It really does leave your skin feeling soft and it sinks into the skin after a few minutes so you don’t have to wobble around your living room too long before putting your clothes on. The scent lingers for an hour or two and then it starts to fade. Therefore I would suggest to purchase the showergel and perfume to build up the lasting power of this gorgeous scent. I can imagine that most people would use this product at night time, because it’s a somewhat heavier scent. I really like these kind of intoxicating scents, so I’m wearing during daytime as well. This limited edition is still available in the stores, but I don’t know for how long. It’s probably still for sale due to the popularity of this line and I’m jumping on the band wagon. I’m going to stuck up on this baby, but just for me – no man needed.



Virgin Mojito

The special summer range this year is all about the popular mojito cocktail. This refreshing drink, made with cane sugar, lime and mint, is indeed a perfect match for summer and I couldn’t wait to smell this line. At first I was a bit dissapointed, because it smelled so incredibly sweet. I was expecting to love this line (and perhaps therefore set my hopes too high), but it didn’t quite deliver as I expected it would. There’s a ‘but’ though. The only exception for me personally was the body butter. Somehow this product didn’t smell as derangedly sweet. You can clearly smell the lime and a hint of mint. It’s refreshing and uplifting. I picked the product up a couple of times and went back and forth. Eventually it landed in my basket, because I kept wanting to smell it.If you’re a sweettooth though, you should definitely check out this line.


This butter, like the previous one, is also meant to hydrate the normal skin. It’s a very soft butter that distributes smoothly on the skin. Don’t worry if you don’t like heavy and oily butters, because this one sinks into the skin pretty fast as well. It’s enriched with lime and mint extracts from the Caribbean and brings you in a very sunny and cheerful mood. I like to put it on after a morning shower to immediately brighten up my day. Although I’m not a fan of all the products from this range, this body butter has become a staple this summer. This scent will always remind of the summer 2k15.



Have you tried any of these products? And which one would you like to purchase?

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Happy Summer Smooches!