December is the best month to get your snugg on. The days are shorter and darker which means we get to curl up on the sofa in our most comfy outfit drinking (lots of) hot chocolate whilst watching our favourite Christmas movies for the hundreth time. ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ has definitely become a Christmas classic and what better way to watch it than actually wearing The Grinch socks and slippers? Keep on reading if you want to Grinchefy yourself too and see my Primark shopping tips!

Primark never dissapoints when it comes to cute and/or whimsical loungewear. I only went in to get a Harry Potter jumper (another “Christmas”  favourite), but – as you do – I left the store with a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t necessarily need. I’m not in the least sorry though since I found these awesome footlets in the shape of The Grinch. They’re very soft, look incredibly funny and definitely keep your feet snugg and warm. Mind you, these will probably only last you one winter, because they’re quite thin and flimsy.





Wether you’re into Disney or Marvel, Primark is the best place to find some great socks. I was very pleased to find this three-pack of Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch socks.
I love how each sock has a different design and that the images arn’t just sprayed on. Granted, these socks are quite expensive, but these will last you a whole lot of Christmasses!




Let me know if you would buy these as well or did you find other great Christmas items to lounge in at Primark?

Yours BeautyfUly,